10 Reasons Why Renting a Dress is the Smart Choice for Every Occassion!

10 Reasons Why Renting Dresses is the Smart Choice for Every Occasion
Are you tired of splurging on dresses you’ll only wear once? Renting is now the favoured option for fashion & eco-conscious individuals who want to stay stylish without overspending. Check out our ten reasons why renting from The Fitzroy, Canada's leading dress rental service, is the best decision for ALL of your upcoming occasions.
Reason One: Cost Effective
Buying a new dress for every event can quickly add up! Renting allows you to wear high-end designer dresses at a fraction of the cost, freeing up your budget for the other important event related expenses (ahem, shoes). 
Reason Two: Access to Designer Dresses 
At The Fitzroy you can access a wide selection of designer dresses that might otherwise be out of reach. You know, the ones that look amazing online but the duties end up costing you almost as much as the dress! Renting these pieces instead allows you to look fabulous at every event, serving high fashion looks without breaking the bank and trying to justify the price-per wear calculations on a one-time use item. 
Reason Three: No More Closet Clutter 
Say goodbye to a closet overflowing with dresses you’ve only worn once. Renting ensures you have just what you need, when you need it, guaranteeing a consistently neat and organized wardrobe, not a sad gown graveyard. 
Reason Four: Eco-Friendly 
Renting is the eco-friendly fashion choice, especially when it comes to event-wear! It lowers the demand for fast fashion and minimizes  waste and over-consumption. Our beautiful garments get repaired as needed and re-used, rather than heading for landfill after their one day in the sun. 
Reason Five: Find the Right Fit 
The Fitzroy provides a convenient fitting service to guarantee the perfect size and fit, every time! You can visit our Toronto studio and try on as many options as you like with the help of our knowledgeable stylists, or book a virtual fitting appointment for a personalized online experience from anywhere in Canada!
Reason Six: Convenience 
Whether you require a dress for a spontaneous event or a you prefer to plan ahead, we simplify the process! You can visit the studio without an appointment and walk out with a dress the same day, or rent online from anywhere in Canada with easy two-way shipping as your dress will arrive with your return label ready to go! You don't even have to clean it after! Just wear, return, repeat!
Reason Seven: Variety for Every Occasion 
From weddings and showers to birthdays, photoshoots and black-tie affairs, we cater to every occasion! You’re guaranteed to find so many gorgeous styles to suit every dress code and event, and never have to worry about wearing the same thing twice! All the variety and none of the guilt of purchasing yet another one-wear high ticket item! It's  a win-win. 
Reason Eight: No Maintenance Hassles 
Say goodbye to dry cleaning and maintenance. We handle all cleaning tasks, allowing you to simply wear, enjoy, and return your dress hassle-free.
Reason Nine: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Renting equals no-commitment, meaning that you can freely experiment with different styles, silhouettes and colours you may want to test out but not commit to purchasing. How often are you going to wear that fluffy, pink tulle ballgown, for instance? Probably no more than once, but you will have a blast doing it!
Reason Ten: Special Promotions and Discounts
We often have special promos, sales and events, making it even more affordable to rent gorgeous designer dresses for your any upcoming special occasions! Be sure to sign up to our list to become part of our magical community and be the first to know about new arrivals, sales and events here in our dream dress land! AND you'll receive 10% off your first rental!
Now we know you are dyyyying to see the dresses. We get it! They're amazing. You can click here to see every dress, check availability, order online and best of all see the dresses on REAL PEOPLE, with past customer's reviews on size, fit and our service. You can also visit us 7 days a week in our Toronto showroom, no appointment necessary!  We can't wait to show you how fun, easy and stress-free it is to look your best for less at every event. P.S. Forward to the group chat, they'll thank you later. 

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