Best Wedding Guest Trends for Fall 23!

If you're invited to a fall wedding this year, you might be wondering what to wear. Fear not, because we've got you covered with the latest trends in wedding guest attire for the fall season. From velvets to warm burnt hues, here are the top fashion trends to consider when renting for a stunning fall wedding ensemble!
1. Velvets! 
Velvet has long been associated with elegance making it the perfect choice for a fall wedding. The luxurious texture and rich colour options add a touch of sophistication to your look.  
2. Burnt and Earth tones 
Fall's colour palette typically includes warm, earthy tones that beautifully complement the season's ambiance. For wedding guests, these colours can be the perfect choice to blend in with the fall landscape. Think shades of burnt orange, rusty red, and forest green.   
3. Long Sleeves 
Fall weather can be unpredictable, with temperatures fluctuating throughout the day. Long-sleeved dresses provide an added layer of warmth, ensuring that you're comfortable throughout the occasion.  
4. Fall Florals 
Fall Florals have established themselves as a trend for wedding guest dresses, bringing together the enchantment of the season with the timeless beauty of floral patterns, 
If you have any questions about wedding guest dress rentals, wedding guest dress fittings, or the different styles of wedding guest dresses we offer, get in touch at and we'd be happy to help advise on current styles and trends! You can also check out our full wedding guest EDIT HERE!
Renting your wedding guest dress is the most on-trend look of all!

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