The Fitzroy is Canada's leading dress and occasion-wear rental platform, offering both an easy online rental service with Canada-wide delivery, as well as a brick and mortar rental studio in downtown Toronto.


Founded in 2016, The Fitzroy carries an elevated, highly curated collection of brand new designer dream dresses, jumpsuits, and accessories sourced and selected from all over the world and made available for women to rent for any occasion or event where they need to get fancy.


We have created a welcoming, inclusive and non-judgmental space where women can visit whenever it's convenient for them, (or access our stylitsts via a virtual appointment), try on as many dresses as they want with the help of our knowledgeable team and either walk out with a dress that day or reserve one (or two, or more!) for use at a later date.


Giving women access to more variety while curbing wasteful one-off purchses, The Fitzroy is proud to be Canada's affordable and sustainable option when it comes to dressing up.